About collection

These contemporary abstract compositions by Damien Hirst is one of a series that Hirst has created throughout his career: “I really like making them. And I really like the machine, and I really like the movement. The movement sort of implies life. It’s the way the atoms move inside our bodies, it’s the way the planet moves that we stand on. And the way all the other planets in space move around ours. Every time a painting’s finished, I’m desperate to do another one.”

Since mid 1990s Hirst’s spin paintings have become as iconic as his famous “spot” paintings.


Please note that these spin paintings created with public collaboration at the Damien Hirst Spin Workshop to celebrate the opening of Requiem at the Pinchuk Art Centre in 2009, Kiev. Ukraine.

Participants, together with British artist Damien Hirst, had a chance to create their own works of art using the spin painting machines, designed by the artist and specially delivered to Kiev, Ukraine for this occasion. Some of artpieces were signed my the artist himself.

Paintings in this collection were acquired at a different time over a 7 years from previous owners, collectors etc.. Some of artworks were inspected by HIAC team and have been examined as a genuine artworks made at Damien’s event…